Church’s Woodbridge Polished Calf

  • Materijal gornjeg dela: Polirana teleća koža
  • Đon: Church & Co. gumeni đon

57,900 RSD 46,320 RSD PDV 20%

Šifra proizvoda: EEC185 Kategorija: Oznaka:


The Woodbridge is an exquisite example of a sleek, classic whole cut Derby made from a single piece of leather that is completely free of marks and flaws. This sporty look features a unique “Church & Co” rubber sole with tonal storm welt that helps keep out water. A versatile lace-up shoe, it is ideal for just about any occasion. Each shoe is finished and polished with utmost care. Its details are written by hand inside the upper in a special calligraphy style, making each pair truly one of a kind.

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