Church’s Grafton 173 Tricolor Polished Fume

  • Materijal gornjeg dela: Polirana teleća koža
  • Đon: Troslojni kožni đon sa 360 kožnim porubom

79,900 RSD 63,920 RSD PDV 20%

Šifra proizvoda: EEB009 Kategorija: Oznaka:


The Grafton is known as a Golosh brogue and features the classic rounded toe. The upper of this Derby shoe is composed of several parts, each perforated and gimped along the edges, and includes a perforated and gimped wing cap. The beauty of this style lies in the three-tone colour of the polished binder leather that gives the shoes a unique, deep shine. The size, fit, last, quality control number, date and name are all written by hand on the inside of the upper in a special calligraphy style, making each shoe truly distinctive. The thick triple sole, which includes a layer of foam for added comfort, features a storm welt with bead around the top that helps keep out water.

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