Magnanni - Muška ručno rađena obuća

MAGNANNI is a third generation family-owned company that has been producing fine men’s shoes for more than 50 years in the small city of Almansa, Spain. Every facet of the business from design to distribution is overseen by a family member. As a result, MAGNANNI consistently designs and produces high-quality footwear.

The foundation of MAGNANNI footwear is its tradition of fine craftsmanship. MAGNANNI believes in three core principles: a commitment to producing handcrafted footwear in an increasingly mechanized world, a rigorous process for selecting quality leathers and materials, and the application of distinctive new designs and hand finishes.

MAGNANNI utilizes the Bologna construction technique in each shoe. The foot is wrapped 360 degrees with the highest quality leather and gives each shoe exceptional flexibility and comfort from first wear. It truly creates a glove for your foot.

The MAGNANNI style is both classic and contemporary, staying true to their rich history while still introducing innovative designs and finishes. MAGNANNI is for the man who is open to new experiences, curious, cultured, and dynamic. He is a man who believes the way he dresses is an extension and expression of his personal style and taste.

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